For exhibitors

Exhibition tables costs SEK 500/piece for rent, the size of them are
150 x 70 cm. Booking of tables is done by mail – send your registration of interest as well as any wishes about location etc. and we will then get back to you with a booking confirmation and payment information.

Payment for booked exhibitor tables is done in close connection to the booking to be guaranteed place. Bookings are taken care of in turn, no booking is guaranteed until payment is done. If cancellation is done earlier than 30 days before the fair, 100% of paid fees will be refunded, if cancellation is done later than 30 days prior to the fair no refund will be made.

Exhibitors are not allowed to bring own table to the fair.

Upon arrival at the fair, all exhibitors will personally receive a bracelet that they are expected to wear throughout the fair and show to staff at entry and exit to and from the fair. Each exhibit place receives two bracelets regardless of the number of tables booked. Lost exhibitor bracelets are not replaced.

Loading and unloading to and from the fair takes place at a separate entrance. In the meantime, you can put your vehicle near the entrance after which you park at the parking lot.